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Money Management for Adults With Special Needs


Adults who have cognitive disabilities also get the feeling of facing economic challenges, especially if they are working to achieve independent living. The professionals here at AccessStar Community Living Services, the trusted provider of Behavioral and Developmental Services in Manassas, Virginia, can help an adult with special needs learn about basic money management concepts so they can achieve their goals.

We made sure that people with special needs get the best out of their life by learning skills and effective ways to ensure that their want for independence is achieved. The people providing our Community Living Services in Virginia are passionate to reach each client’s individual goals.

It is vital for adults with cognitive disabilities to get the Behavioral Support that they require in order to learn skills for a more independent lifestyle. Even with the limitations that they have because of their disability, it is still possible to achieve a life that brings them independence.

Our Financial Management service is a way to help our clients learn the effective ways to manage their finances. Being able to know this skill can help us determine their readiness to live as independently as possible. They get to learn how to keep track of their daily expenses and track their finances properly.

We also see to it that they are transitioning well into their independent life through Health Maintenance & Monitoring.

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