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Must-Have Social Skills for People with Disabilities


One of the most difficult for individuals afflicted with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities is executing everyday social skills towards others. As socialization does not come naturally to them, people are often unkind to them. That is the reason for programs on Social Skills Development.

With such programs, they learn social skills. Here are common, must-have social skills to be developed:

  • Interpreting social cues. This means the individuals must recognize, understand, and answer different social cues they meet.
  • Forming a meaningful relationship with others. Individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities need to know how to connect and create relationships with people outside their comfort zones. These relationships can serve as their Behavioral Support groups in the future.
  • Understand and express emotions. Emotions are complex, and individuals with intellectual and/or development disabilities sometimes do not know what it is and how it affects them and others. Thus, they must understand what emotions are to understand how others feel. They must also be able to express their emotions for their own good.
  • Communication skills and eye contact. Communication is the key to connecting with others. This means that they must learn how to communicate and maintain eye contact while doing so.

We at AccessStar Community Living Services want everyone, especially individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities enjoy a life full of friendships,
independence, and accomplishment. As a provider of Community Living Services in Virginia, we are also here for them whenever they need support, training, and management. Because we believe everyone deserves a better choice for themselves.

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