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Fostering Autonomy in Individuals with Autism


It is common for individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) to require assistance with their Daily Living Activities and other tasks.

Albeit, they are capable of functioning on their own with sufficient Behavioral Support and training.

Individuals on the spectrum who, in their early years, have access to intervention services with their own Person Centered Plan can most likely achieve their highest possible level of independence.

Behavioral and Developmental Services in Manassas, Virginia allow children living with autism to acquire various skills needed to live independently. Practicing independent living skills early on helps ease their transition through life.

  • Strengthened communication skills
    Building the individual’s social skills will help them connect with others in their community and contribute more to society. It’s equally important to provide them with assistive tools when they’re not comfortable with spoken language, so they have options in expressing their thoughts and emotions.
  • Improved Hygiene Skill
    Personal care should be a staple in every child’s routine. Practicing good hygiene helps in keeping them neat and healthy.
  • Enriched Financial Management
    Learning how to use money wisely is a significant life skill that will help ensure their financial security and independence. Children on the spectrum should be taught how to purchase items in the supermarket, the value of bank accounts, and how to manage their expenses.

Mastering independent living skills will make a lot of a difference in their navigation through adult life. It is, however, important to note that not all individuals on the spectrum will acquire the same level of independence. All it takes is to find a competent and compassionate team to help individuals on the spectrum reach their full potential.

AccessStar Community Living Services is a trusted provider of Community Living Services in Virginia. It is our vision to empower individuals with intellectual disabilities and enhance their quality of life.

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