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Providing Support for People With Sensory Issues


Sensory processing disorder, or SPD, is a sensory issue in people with autism or ADHD. This disorder affects how your brain processes stimuli from different senses. SPD affects children more than adults.

The person you are caring for likely has a sensory processing issue. In such a scenario, you are undoubtedly accustomed to needing to assist them with numerous daily living activities.

However, some additional day-to-day assistance can be helpful for those with sensory processing disorders, such as enlisting the support of community living services in Virginia. The person you care for may have an especially difficult time adapting to change. Limiting any unneeded changes in their life is one strategy for dealing with this.

Our behavioral and developmental services in Manassas, Virginia, have discovered it beneficial to establish consistency, a routine, and clear expectations for each activity for the person they are caring for. Others have suggested creating a day’s worth of visual timetables.

Utilizing ‘social storytelling’ is one approach to support your friend or family member as they adjust to upcoming changes. These are succinct summaries of the upcoming change and its motivation. They remove any ambiguity from the information you might want to transmit and make it more literal and concrete, which can be difficult for those with sensory processing disorders.

At AccessStar Community Living Services, our behavioral support services are developed with the needs of individuals with intellectual disabilities in mind. From enforcing positive behavior to teaching them about the skills needed to live a comfortable life to improving their social skills, you can trust us to guide them through according to their pace and with their comfort in mind.

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