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Fostering Life Skills in Children Living with Autism

fostering-life Skills-in-children-living-with-autism

Learning life skills is critical for people living with autism to gain independence at home, school, and in the community. Aside from behavioral support, independent living programs, which are frequently taught by a therapist, are common ways to develop these skills. Life skills training should take place in natural settings where the abilities being taught are directly related to the environment where the learner will live and apply them.

AccessStar Community Living Services introduces these skills that may assist your loved one living with autism in learning the tools that will allow them to be more independent throughout their life.

  • Work on Self-Care Skills
    Childhood is an excellent age to begin incorporating self-care activities into your child’s routine. Brushing teeth, combing hair, and other Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) are critical life skills to teach your child so they can master them later in life.
  • Work on Household Chores
    Having children help with home tasks teaches them responsibility, gets them involved in family routines, and instills essential skills that they can use as they grow older.
  • Practice Financial Management
    Learning how to manage money is an important skill that can help your child become self-sufficient in the community. When you’re in a store or supermarket with your child, let them hand over the money to the cashier.
  • Teach Community Safety Skills
    Teach and practice travel skills like pedestrian safety, spotting signs and other critical safety indicators, and familiarizing with public transportation services.

As a prominent provider of Behavioral and Developmental Services in Manassas, Virginia, we can ensure you that once you entrust your loved ones to us, they will be equipped with skills that will make their lives more comfortable and pleasurable.

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